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Deborah L. White is the daughter of the late Deacon Jerry Wrenn and Minister Evelyn Kelly. She is the mother of five wonderful children, Shanell, Simone, Shanitra, Alexus and the late Demarcus M. Wrenn. Chief Apostle White has endured many trials and tribulations in her life, which shaped her into the phenomenal woman of God that she is today. She desires to be a positive example to others in a Godly manner, and as a result of her positivity she has successfully overcome many of life’s challenges. Chief Apostle White pledged her life to God in 2002 while attending Pentecostal located in Greensboro N.C. In 2005 she was licensed as an Evangelist while serving under the leadership of Apostle Louis Brown, Senior Pastor of The Church of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, also located in Greensboro N.C.

In 2010 Chief Apostle White was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was told she would be blind by the end of the year. Apostle White never lost faith in the face of adversity and subsequently she was told by physicians that she was healthy and continues to have her full sight. In November of 2012 Chief Apostle White’s  oldest child Reginald Demarcus “Mazerati” Wrenn was tragically murdered. Although this was one of the hardest trials she had ever faced, she continued to remain faithful to God and his teachings. 

In 2012 Chief Apostle Deborah L. White 

 founded the Church of Restoration located in Greensboro N.C. She also founded Reginald Center of Turn Around, dedicated to guiding youth in a positive manner, in memory of her son’s death. Apostle White also coordinates  the annual “Sky’s the Limit Walk against Drugs and Violence” to rally the support of the community in the fight against drugs and violence. Chief Apostle continues being an advocate against drugs and violence and has spoken at city council meetings in Guilford County concerning the issues in our local communities. She continues to be an icon and pillar of our community and is always working to be a positive influence on everyone she meets.


Our Mission

The mission of RCOTA is to develop, manage, and oversee the services that are provided within the organization, providing quality healthcare services to persons aged 7 and older, incorporating healthcare services that encompass consumer’s families and respective communities. The services that are provided are culturally relevant, evidenced-based, and person-centered, providing prevention, intervention, resiliency, and recovery services that impacts not only the consumers themselves, but the families of the consumers, and the overall community. 

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RCOTA’s Vision is viewed in light of the healthcare field as it presently stands, and stands apart from other entities in healthcare. 

  • Establish a program and provide services that are wellness-oriented, reducing the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorder diagnoses 

  • Assisting a community in which individuals with mental health and substance use disorders can live long, safe, and fulfilling live

  • Preventing and treating trauma and other mental health disorders, and substance use disorders, reducing overall homelessness, truamatizations, justice system involvements, and other community impacts

  • Build long-term, sustaining relationships with entities the community, developing and maintaining a community, person-centered, whole-person approach, that assists with accomplishing this vision every day, one change at a time 

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